Davencorp was started in Bloomfield, Iowa (Davis County, Iowa) to logistically facilitate the parts and material needs of several of our local industrial and manufacturing entities. We are able to provide contract manufacturing at competitive prices while offering quality assurance and serviceability.

Owner, Mark Davenport, having been involved in the industry for over 30 years, recognized a market in the southern Iowa area. The business concept was developed while he was employed as a supervisor at American Welding and Tank Company (AWT), a local manufacturer of propane and Anhydrous-Ammonia tanks. At the time, AWT was buying parts manufactured in Utah. Davencorp was able to produce the parts at a substantial savings to AWT and began business. Besides having a logistical advantage, Davencorp could assist in specialized projects as the need arose.

Operations began in a fourteen thousand square foot building in the fall of 2002. In 2005, a five thousand square foot expansion was added to keep up with the growing business. A new hi-definition plasma cutter replaced our CNC table in 2007, and a new CNC press brake was added in 2008. In the fall of 2011, Davencorp purchased and moved into a forty-eight thousand square foot building, complete with three bridge cranes and a two hundred foot long paint line conveyor. With the added capacity, Davencorp continues to expand.

While most of our customer base is located within a three hundred mile radius, we ship to both coasts and border to border. The range of products is just as diversified, while some of our customers manufacture agriculture equipment, others manufacture’s car crushers, locomotive engines, and still others have needs for high-end exhaust systems and packing house devices.

Our size allows us to streamline project development, engineering, and prototyping. Without having layers of departmental bureaucracy, the needs of our customers can be easily assisted.

Davencorp is:

  • Cost Effective
  • A Qualified Source
  • A manufacturing solution for retail and commercial customers

We have:

  • The experience
  • The facility
  • The capacity to meet your needs

Let us:

  • Use our expertise to help you expand your capabilities
  • Meet your deadlines with on-time production and delivery

We would invite you to share your requests with us and let Davencorp demonstrate an equitable solution.